Laura De Vogel
07 juni 1990, Dordrecht
Calbas, Aruba
(+297) 6900 350
Drivers License: B

I am a diverse artist with conceptual, tactile, and technical insight. My work ranges from performance, video, sound, and sculptural installations. I was born in Dordrecht (NL) and raised in Aruba, which has made me fluent in Dutch, English, and Papiamento. Often between the Caribbean and Europe, 
I regularly go back to my home base in Aruba.  It is important to me to stay in touch with the island, both creatively and as an active participant in its cultural development. I do this by participating in different exhibitions, workshops, creative initiatives, and by developing concepts or coordinating artistic events. I have work experience in research, concept development, coordination, and curating. Through my work in the commercial creative field, I gained more insight into managing advertising campaigns, from concept development to production.