Various Designs For Booklets, Thesis' & Intern Reports.
On occasion I got commissioned to make designs for booklets including pictorial books and booklets containing text.

During my internship I was responsible for making end reports using graphic design to portray new skills an graphic techniques learned during the period of six months.

Being an intern under the guidance of internationally know artist Alicia Framis I was resposible for making the designs of various art concepts. This included contact with manufacturers for making materials for the artworks and technical preparations for artworks. Amongst other things I was involved with the making of and preparations for the artwork “Art is The Mother of Resistance”. A neon-light installation of approximately 10 meters, executed on the facade of the ArtEZ fine arts building located at OK 74. 


During the estimate of one year I worked at WILCO. magazine as a creative director,    -producer and -editor. Setting up creative initiatives like photoshoots, scouting locations, scouting artists, setting up parties for funding. In the WILCO. 01 issue I was responsible for scouting the artist of the following items : Wilco Door & Toilet gesprekken. I was asked to make a concept & develop a self made board game called Tanzenbord. And I was partially in charge of  the creative production of Almelo Apparel. 

As an intern at NLGD I was in charge of all graphic publications. Ranging from webdesign to print designs presented at the Festival of Games. The Graphic Design of NLGD was for a very specifically oriented audience and needed to be executed within the manual of the corporate identity. Within that range I was allowed to experiment and come up with complete new ideas to progress the outlook of the company's visual identity to correspond with the playfulness yet professional atmosphere of the NLGD.

During my first internship at the company Present time, I gained experience by being in close relation to the production process of new collections of gift items and marketing them. I was mostly involved and responsible for the product-photography, packing design and marketing designs. Gaining experience with photoshop and illustrator. In addition, I was able to contribute to the process of developing a number of products.